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ALL ANGELS synopsis

One girl’s love, faith, and courage turn the tides of Heaven.

In Medieval France, 14-year-old Joan Orleans is madly in love with 17-year-old Michael, an archangel in training whose mentor is archangel Lucifer. Joan has full faith in Michael even when he himself lacks confidence. They pray and play together in the fields of France, and he sometimes takes her up to heaven on Jacob's Ladder, but she has not yet fulfilled her dream to see the face of God. Michael is shocked when increasingly critical Lucifer urges him to betray God, but Joan declares her love for Michael, promising she’ll fight Lucifer with him and defend God’s throne. Sides are taken, but some angels go “neutral” and masquerade as humans. Joan’s faith and courage win over many of them, and she helps Michael plan and implement a battle strategy against Lucifer and the rebel angels. Joan bravely stands guard outside God’s throne room—until intuition warns her something is wrong, and she leaves to find half of Michael’s angels wiped out and him and Lucifer in a deadly face-off. Joan is filled with sudden strength and supernatural love and hurls Lucifer and all his angels out of Heaven. Joan and Michael rule God’s angels together, and Joan finally meets God.

Fourteen-year-old Joan Orleans is the wonder of the ages. In Medieval France, she has fallen madly in love with Michael, the youngest archangel. She loves to pray with him in the fields of France. Although she lives on Earth and he lives in Heaven, he visits her every day by traveling on Jacob’s Ladder and takes her to Heaven with him sometimes. Michael turns 17 and begins private training from the archangels, so Joan won’t be able to see him as much. His parents are guardian angels, but his calling is as an archangel, and Lucifer will mentor him. Different types of angels—guardian angels, archangels, principalities, powers, virtues, dominions, thrones, cherubim, and seraphim—all go through different kinds of education. Michael must then pass a final test or return home to his parents, never to reach his calling. Though Michael has received direct knowledge and orders from God, he nonetheless lacks faith and confidence that he’ll pass his test as the youngest angel ever chosen to become an archangel. But Joan, who has never seen God face-to-face, has full faith Michael will succeed.

As Michael trains with senior archangel Lucifer, he sneaks back to Earth to show Joan what Lucifer teaches him. He has become a master in sword fighting. Joan is excited for Michael, learning that faith and prayer must also be put into action. Joan is in awe of Lucifer’s expertise and tries to learn everything she can from Michael. However, halfway through Michael’s training, Joan notices that Lucifer’s attitude is changing. Lucifer is critical of Michael even when he exceeds expectations. Nothing Michael ever does is good enough. He wants to quit, but Joan tells him that he cannot give up. She convinces Michael to sneak her into his classes. When Michael has his next class with Lucifer, Joan hides in the rafters. Lucifer tempts Michael to betray God with his angelic powers. Lucifer says that he is more intelligent than God and should be in control of his own life. Lucifer thinks he should be in charge of Heaven all by himself. After all, he is the one training the archangels, not God. Michael is shocked by Lucifer’s suggestion. Joan decides that she will fight Lucifer in faith to protect Michael if she must. When class is finished, Joan insists that Michael report directly to the Ministry of Archangels and request that Lucifer be removed as a senior archangel.

At a conference held by the Ministry of Archangels, which is run by the seven senior archangelsGabriel, Lucifer, Raphael, Jophiel, Uriel, Chamuel, and ZadkielJoan publicly declares her love for Michael and offers to fight Lucifer with him. After hearing Michael's testimony, the Ministry dismisses Lucifer as an archangel altogether and replaces him with Michael. Although the Ministry is hesitant to put Joan in charge of anything, since she is a human, she insists that she will defend God’s throne when Michael is on the battlefield. After the conference, Joan discovers that Lucifer has recruited a third of the angels in Heaven against God. A third stay with God. The other third has declared themselves “neutral” in the battle and have begun masquerading as humans on Earth. Joan insists that the angels pick a side—God or Satan. She wins many of the neutral angels over to fight for Michael. Joan helps Michael plan a battle strategy, trying to remember everything Lucifer taught him. Michael struggles as he realizes his mentor might kill Joan. Despite Michael’s concerns, she relays the plan to his host of angels.

Michael and his angels face Lucifer and his dark angels in battle. Not only does Michael fight to protect Heaven, but he also declares his love for Joan and the people of Earth. As Lucifer advances against God’s throne, Joan stands guard outside the throne room door, where inside, the six-winged, burning seraphim fly around the throne, praising God. Her intuition warns her something is wrong, and she leaves to find Michael. She discovers that Lucifer has wiped out more than half of Michael’s angels, and now Michael and Lucifer face off on the edge of Heaven. Lucifer uses every battle tactic he taught Michael, and Michael fights twice as hard as Lucifer expects. When Michael has Lucifer by the throat, Lucifer begs Michael to put away his emotions and think the situation through. Lucifer urges him to join in the rebellion against God. Joan screams to Michael to remember the love of God and says Lucifer is lying. In a moment of exhaustion, Michael is overcome by Lucifer’s manipulation, and Lucifer breaks away. Moments later, Lucifer slashes Michael with his sword. Joan is filled with sudden strength and supernatural love for Michael. She hurls Lucifer and all his dark angels out of Heaven. Lucifer’s pride has gone before the fall, and Lucifer with it. Joan and Michael rule God’s angels together, and Joan finally meets God face-to-face in victory.

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