Tuesday, March 17, 2015


A smile and a flower can change lives.

Ten-year-old Daisy Dimple plants flowers everywhere and is saving her gardening money for a field trip. Her bullying older brother tries to destroy her gardening work with bolts of electricity, rodents, and floods from the garden hose. Daisy brings others into her plan and graciously extends her gifts to the community, even if she has to plant a flower in her brother's head to teach him a lesson. 

Daisy Dimple can't smile enough. At age 10, she plants flowers everywhere she goes, even in parking lots and sidewalks. She loves their scent and the beauty they bring to the world. Her 13-year-old brother Billy is a bully who’s jealous of her daisies and magic “hypnotizing” dimple. He calls her “Crazy Daisy,” and she nicknames him “Lil’ Boy Buster.” Daisy wishes she had enough courage to stand up to him once and for all—but she’s just too nice. Grandpa Blum hires Daisy and is confident she can build a garden for his Fourth of July party.

Daisy branches out with many different flowers, and she finishes the garden two days before the party. The money will go to her class field trip—a day at the beach without her brother. Lil’ Boy Buster angrily floods the flowers and lets out a cage of rodents in the garden. Determined to rebuild the garden, Daisy sets traps for the rodents, levels the ground, and brings in new flowers. She stays up all night guarding the garden. The next day she plants even more flowers right up until the four o’clock party, but still isn’t done. So, when neighbors arrive, Daisy asks them each to plant a flower and contribute to finishing the garden. Of course, her magic dimple makes them say: “Yes.” The neighbors each want Daisy to build them a garden of their own.

Lil’ Boy Buster sneaks through the back fence with a large water gun and the garden hose. He tries to flood the garden again, but Daisy wrestles him to the ground and plants a flower on his head. It takes root, and he can’t pull it out of his head. He yells and screams in embarrassment. When Daisy’s parents see the wonderful garden in Grandpa Blum’s backyard, they are upset at Lil’ Boy Buster and ask Daisy to transform their backyard into a beautiful paradise as well. Lil’ Boy Buster can no longer call Daisy “crazy.” She suggests that he replant the flower from his head in Grandpa Blum’s garden. If he decides to replant it, instead of destroying it, Daisy is sure it will come out of his head without a problem. So, Lil’ Boy Buster plants the awkward flower from his head in Grandpa Blum’s garden, and he slumps off in defeat, swearing to return in victory.

The garden party is a huge success. Daisy will have more than enough money for her class field trip and decides to donate the rest of her money to planting a garden at the local Community Center. 

Copyright 2022 Jennifer Waters

1.     Daisy Dimple plants flowers everywhere and is saving her gardening money for a field trip. Her brother Lil’ Boy Buster tries to destroy her gardening work. 
2.     Daisy Dimple makes flower boxes for the neighbors and gives them as gifts after a bad thunderstorm despite the efforts of Lil’ Boy Buster to distract her. 
3.     Daisy Dimple realizes that not everyone has dimples, especially Lil’ Boy Buster, and she indents people’s cheeks in order to try to give them her magic smile.
4.     Daisy Dimple plants flowers at the local park for everyone to enjoy, but the squirrels sent by Lil' Boy Buster keep trying to eat them.
5.     Daisy Dimple wears makeup for the first time and tries to emphasize her dimple with extra makeup and flowers in her hair, but Lil’ Boy Buster taunts her.  
6.     Daisy Dimple buys fake flowers at a department store to place in certain parts of her house, so they don’t wither, but Lil’ Boy Buster even tries to ruin them. 
7.     Daisy Dimple refuses to be angry at Lil’ Boy Buster and smiles all day long even if he ruins all her flowers. Her magic dimple eventually wears him out. 
8.     Daisy Dimple plants flowers in her bed, literally, and Lil’ Boy Buster pulls them out when she’s asleep until she replants them for good. 
9.     Daisy Dimple fights off slugs, earwigs, grey mold, and red spider mites from her garden after Lil’ Boy Buster launches the destroyers into her flowers. 
10.  Daisy Dimple wins over a swarm of bees sent by Lil’ Boy Buster to her flowers. She gives the bees honey and a smile.    
11.  Daisy Dimple loses her dimple for a day and only finds it after she gets it back from Lil’ Boy Buster. 
12.  Daisy Dimple’s flowers grow through the ceiling and roof, even if Lil’ Boy Buster has to sleep on the sidewalk, showing everyone that she lives in a home filled with flowers and smiles.

Copyright 2022 Jennifer Waters

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