Tuesday, March 17, 2015


In a drought-stricken land where dreaming is forbidden because of an evil spell, a brave little girl dares to find and use a magic music box to break the spell, bringing dreaming and life back to the kingdom.

“The Magic Music Box” tells the story of 10-year-old Priscilla Trumble, who lives in the land of Zur, a dreary place where people are forbidden to dream because of an evil spell. After being caught up in a mysterious whirlwind, our heroine, along with her best friends, must make a dangerous journey to save her land, her people, and her future by retrieving a music box from a faraway kingdom. Only if Priscilla dares to sing the song played by the music box can she destroy the spell and bring life and dreaming back to Zur.

Priscilla Trumble lives in Zur, a country where an evil spell has made people forget how to dream and where her parents discourage her own desire to sing. After finding an amethyst crystal, she is caught up in a mysterious whirlwind that pulls her into an exciting and fun adventure, which she realizes must be a “dream,” but it ends abruptly when an evil witch arrives. 

Priscilla tries to explain to her best friends, Lucas and Effie, what happened but they react with confusion. Later, she discovers that a passerby from the neighboring land of Visus, Rafael, left the crystal on the road in hopes she would pick it up, dream, and be brave enough to break the witch’s evil spell. 

Her dreams send her and her friends to Rafael’s wife in Visus, finding a magic music box that if she brings it back to Zur and sings its song to the ensorcelled king will break the spell. The witch haunts her dreams and shows up in real life. 

Back in Zur, Priscilla and her friends are captured trying to get to the King so Priscilla can sing the spell-breaking song. While threatened by the witch for daring to dream, the magic music box is destroyed, and all is lost until Priscilla bravely sings the song by herself to the King. The evil spell in Zur is lifted, and the king throws a banquet in celebration. She has overcome societal pressure and become her own person. Zur will never again be without dreams. 

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