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True Love demands expression, in the very best way.

An orchestra’s instruments abandoned by their concertmaster languish in his closet as electronic instruments threaten to replace them. Led by Giuseppe the Violin and Johann the Flute, the entire orchestra comes to life and creates an amazing public concert. Their once-defeated concert master is re-inspired, a descendant of Johan Sebasatian Bach supports the orchestra, and the concert master’s son realizes that real music has more heart than machines and decides to apply his talent to real instruments.

The whole world needs to know The Orchestra’s Tale!

Giuseppe the Violin and Johann the Flute are sick of sitting on the shelf. Retired Conductor Franz Melodia of the Luneburg Symphony Orchestra lost his funding, so he cannot put on performances for the community. Even his son George has been more interested in electronic instruments and never plays the Violin and the Flute.

If Franz cannot interest his son in getting the Orchestra back on its feet, he will have to sell the instruments now in his closet. Only Clara the Clarinet has broken out of her box to come visit Giuseppe and Johann on the shelf. Once upon a time, she and Johann played gorgeous duets and have been madly in love ever since. Giuseppe and Johann decide that they will organize the return of the Luneburg Symphony Orchestra and free the true love between Clara and Johann.

Franz and George take their annual summer vacation, the instruments come out of the closet, and Giuseppe and Johann organize a revival of the Orchestra. They sneak to the Luneburg Symphony Concert Hall and practice concert material, playing their parts themselves. Upon their return Franz immediately notices that the instruments, including Giuseppe and Johann, are missing. George calls the police and puts out a reward notice for the missing instruments. However, the disillusioned Franz tells his son George that upon return of the instruments, he plans to keep the reward money, sell the instruments to the highest bidder, and put the past in the past.

The Instruments hide and advertise their Sunday afternoon concert. Franz buys two tickets for the concert and takes his son George, who is astounded to find the instruments playing on stage to a sold-out show. In the audience is Jonathan Bach II, a long lost relative of Johann Sebastian Bach, who recognizes the Violin and the Flute. He decides to finance the Orchestra, refurbish the Concert Hall, and conduct special performances, featuring many solos for Giuseppe and duets with Johann and Clara. 

Franz hugs Bach II in tears, grateful for his support. George decides he will learn to play the Violin and the Flute along with his other electronic instruments. Franz is thrilled that the Orchestra has come back to life.

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