Tuesday, March 17, 2015


When the Rainbow Bridge from one world to the next is broken, 10-year-old Priscilla, the Queen of Zur, must brave the dizzying heights to find and repair the path for souls to travel.

Priscilla, 10, is visited by Iris, the Keeper of the Rainbow, who pleads with her to help restore the Rainbow Bridge, so that people who die can make their way into the Whirlwind. There are deadly breaches in the Rainbow Bridge, and Iris needs Priscilla’s help to restore the path. The evil Countess T’zila Tzigane, thought dead, reappears through her dust shadow to stop Priscilla helping souls to travel the Rainbow Bridge. Priscilla braves the Countess’ ire and sings the harp songs of Iris to restore the bridge. Braving her own destruction, Priscilla descends into the Whirlwind to get a new song that can free and save those who were lost on the broken Rainbow Bridge.

Ten-year-old Priscilla, recently made Queen of Zur, is visited by Iris, the goddess of rainbows—the path for souls to reach the Whirlwind. Iris needs Priscilla to journey with her into the heavens, singing the song of The Whirlwind and helping to collect the dreamers lost because the Rainbow Bridge is breaking up.

Overcoming her vertigo and braving the dizzying heights and sharp breaches of the Rainbow Bridge, Priscilla sets out with Iris to collect the lost dreamers from many different planets and realities. When the evil Countess appears through her dust shadow, Iris is sucked into a black hole. Priscilla catches Iris’ harp and sings its song until the Countess disappears because of its effects.

But not for long. The dust shadow of the Countess reappears to plague Priscilla and prevent her from reaching The Whirlwind on the Rainbow Bridge. Finally descending into The Whirlwind, Priscilla confronts the Whirlwind with Iris’ harp, terrified that she will not return. She meets many dreamers from decades ago. She even sees Rafael, the man who first taught her about dreaming. He leads her to the deepest part of The Whirlwind, where he thinks she can find a new song for the harp to recreate the Rainbow Bridge.

After descending into The Whirlwind, Priscilla barely makes it back. She ascends from The Whirlwind with a new song in Iris’ harp, only to find Iris caught in a cosmic dust storm with Countess T’zigane’s shadow. Priscilla sings the new song from Iris’ harp until the Rainbow Bridge reconstructs itself, and the Countess’ dust shadow disappears. Priscilla returns to Zur with Iris’ harp as her own, ready to lead her people in the ways of here and beyond, to the benefit of all.

Copyright 2022 Jennifer Waters

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