Tuesday, March 17, 2015


One candle fights the dark to bring light to the whole wide world.

There was only one candle, but it still wanted to light the entire world. The darkness tries to blow the candle out, step on it, freeze it, cut off the air, chip its wax, dump water on it . . . but the nastier the darkness is, the bolder the candle becomes. No one will bully the candle anymore! The little light has become a bright sign of light and love. 

Once there was a candle that wanted to light the whole wide world. As that light grows, the shadows become angry, and it’s a nasty fight between the darkness and the light.

The darkness tries to blow the candle out, so the candle turns in the other direction. Step on the candle, it burns the person’s sandal. Dump water on it, the candle just burns hotter. Freeze the candle, it burns so hot the handle can’t be held. Cut off the air, the candle just holds its breath. Throw a towel on its flame, the candle burns it up. The candle refuses to waver. If the wick is at its end, it stretches. Chip its wax, the candle melts to cover the gouges. The candle still shines even when it is sore. When people throw dirt, mud, or sand, the candle stands taller until the bullies put down their slime. The candle knows that darkness cannot compare to the light. Then one day a bucket covers the candle.

The candle is so upset it lights the bucket into a great wildfire that lights more candles. The sun, the moon, and stars shine, catch on and shine all the brighter. All around the world, people light lanterns, candles, and torches. Darkness cannot tamper with the spread of the light. The candle never gives up, and it never gives in. The dark side will not win. This little light has become a sign that love and light are simply divine.

Copyright 2022 Jennifer Waters

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