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A magic camera leads a young photographer into mysteries only she can solve using the unexpected images that develop on her pictures.

Mary Nose—“Nosy Mary”—is a talented but gawky 14-year-old girl with a large nose who inherits a magic camera whose photos hold clues to mysteries. As yearbook editor, Mary photographs all school activities—she learns things about her classmates, she sees an ominous glow around the school janitor’s image, and she notices things disappearing from the yearbook “office,” a small closet. Mary’s special knowledge, observant eye, and intuition help her solve mysteries and help others—especially with a photography show to benefit the school janitor, who it turned out was homeless and had taken the yearbook because he liked it so much. 

Talented but gawky 14-year-old Mary Nose—also known as “Nosy Mary”— inherits her photojournalist grandmother’s magic camera and sets up a secret darkroom. Mary loves feeling special but is troubled by the extra people and things that magically appear in her photographs. Eighth grade teacher Mr. Rockwell knows Mary takes wonderful pictures and believes it’s time for her to shine. With her large nose that Mary sticks into everything, he appoints her as yearbook editor—with a deadline.

When Mary forgets the school camera at home, she takes pictures with Grandma Louise’s magic camera. She snaps a shot of Hank the janitor; when she develops the pictures, she notices a strange ominous glow around Hank. She follows him and takes more pictures, until he demands that she give him the photos. Mary covers all the school events, but some students don’t want their picture taken. Things go missing from the yearbook closet, including the yearbook itself the day of the deadline. Distraught, Mary searches through the entire school, taking pictures with Grandma Louise’s camera and looking for clues as to the whereabouts of the yearbook. Each of the photos shows a mop and a bucket. 

The mysterious photos plus her detective work all lead back to Hank the janitor. Mary tries to talk to him, but Hank locks her in the yearbook closet overnight. When Mr. Rockwell finally finds Mary the next morning, she calls the police, who arrest Hank. He sadly admits he’s been homeless for months and had to sleep in the yearbook closet. He says he liked the yearbook so much that he took it with him. He apologizes for any problems and returns the yearbook. Mary forgives him and decides to raise money for the homeless at a special photography exhibit. Mr. Rockwell declares that Mary is the best yearbook editor ever. Of course, she solves the mystery on the nose!

Copyright 2022 Jennifer Waters

Sequels Volume 1:
1.     Mary Nose is asked to be yearbook editor by Mr. Rockwell. She finishes the yearbook only to have it stolen and must find the missing yearbook. 
2.     Mary Nose decides she wants to be a photojournalist at Career Day. Mary’s parents are indifferent, and she must find a way to convince them of her talent.
3.     Mary Nose takes pictures at eighth-grade graduation day only to realize her principal is keeping a secret—he was fired. She must find out why, so he can get his job back.
4.     Mary Nose photographs the summer camp kids. Then she realizes one of them has been kidnapped, and she must save his life. 
5.     Mary Nose interns at the local town newspaper and discovers a corporate scam with the local billionaire. 
6.     Mary Nose shadows the Editor-In-Chief of the local town newspaper for the day and realizes his sources are lying to him about a major story.
7.     Mary Nose researches about a curious disease that has made the neighborhood sick and has to figure out how to cure the illness.
8.     Mary Nose photographs the President of the United States when he comes to town and helps prevent an assassination attempt on his life.
9.     Mary Nose finds an old picture that her maternal grandmother Louise Jenkins took. Grandma Jenkins gave Mary her magic camera before she died. The picture leads to a hidden sources of money that Grandma Jenkins left for Mary to study photography at college. The rest of the family tried to keep the money from her.   
10.  Mary Nose meets Jimmy Right, a budding writer, and they team together on covering a story about saving the ocean life. 
11.  Mary Nose is asked by Mr. Rockwell to submit her best photography into a national contest with a famous New York City magazine, and Mary wins second prize, only to find someone cheated her out of first prize, which she eventually receives.
12.  Mary Nose photographs the scene of an accident where two of her classmates died in a car accident. She researches to find out why they died and who is responsible.
13.  Mary Nose’s camera breaks and she has to figure out how to fix it, so she can keep taking magic pictures and solving mysteries.

Sequels Volume 2:
14.  Mary Nose is promoted from Yearbook Editor to Staff Writer for her high school newspaper where she breaks open the drug ring in the school.
15.  Mary Nose takes pictures of the football championships with her boyfriend Jimmy Right when she discovers the referees are making bad calls, and she discovers who paid off the referees to throw the game.
16.  Mary Nose wanders the halls during study hall taking pictures only to unearth a plagiarism scam where top students are getting paid to write term papers for athletes.
17.  Mary Nose decides to photograph landscapes on the weekend and discovers a vault of famous hidden paintings in an abandoned warehouse. 
18.  Mary Nose photographs the chess tournament at the school where she discovers that an insider is giving the players tips.
19.  Mary Nose photographs the actresses and actors for “The Sound of Music” high school production. She discovers that the lead actress sabotaged the other women auditioning. 
20.  Mary Nose photographs the high school swim meets only to discover that there is too much chlorine in the water, and it is making the swimmers sick.
21.  Mary Nose takes a class at the local college in photography. She learns new photography techniques and also helps the college find funding, so it doesn’t have to close its doors. 
22.  Mary Nose photographs the ninth-grade class field trip, when students get their backpacks stolen from the bus, and Mary searches to find their personal items and IDs before they are used for identification theft.
23.  Mary Nose spends the day at the local TV station for a class project, learning the difference between print and on-air cameras. She discovers the news anchor has received unethical gifts to report news from one perspective. 
24.  Mary Nose takes pictures on Christmas Eve at the local church for the church bulletin when the baby Jesus is stolen from the manger, and she has to find him.
25.  Mary Nose receives tips from off-the-record sources on a student who is being abused by her father, and she has to prove if it is true, before she tells the police.
26.  Mary Nose discovers who caused an arson attack on the school after the building goes up in flames.

Sequels Volume 3: 
27.  During a summer internship for LIFE IN TIME magazine, Mary Nose travels to South America and photographs severe poverty for her first professional magazine article. She convinces the editors to publish her pictures and not make conditions look better than they are.
28.  Mary Nose travels to Harlem and photographs the gospel choir at the Salvation Army Church when she befriends a girl who needs money to pay her mother’s medical bills.
29.  Mary Nose travels to Montserrat to photograph the overflowing volcano and helps scientists figure out how to stop it from erupting again and killing the wildlife and putting the people in danger.
30.  Mary Nose travels to Washington, D.C., when the Pentagon is bombed, and she helps the FBI find the culprits.
31.  While in Washington, D.C., Mary Nose visits the National Press Club and meets terrorists that she helps to arrest.
32.  Mary Nose observes and photographs a brain surgery. She helps doctors discover the root of the problem when the surgery fails at first.
33.  Mary Nose takes flying lessons with a Virginia pilot who is teaching her how to fly a plane. The plane crashes and Mary lives, but she finds out who tried to kill her.
34.  Mary Nose visits the grave of her deceased grandmother Louise Jenkins to find the grave dug up, and she must find out who robbed her grandmother’s grave.
35.  Mary Nose photographs an earthquake while in Los Angeles and helps find a girl who goes missing in the quake. 
36.  Mary Nose visits Oklahoma after a terrible hurricane and helps save dying patients in the local hospital.
37.  Mary Nose visits NASA where she learns about the latest space missions and helps solve quirks in the latest inventions.
38.  Mary Nose visits the National Cathedral and finds a hidden passageway through the chamber halls with Old and New Testament manuscripts that must be decoded. 
39.  Mary Nose wins a Pulitzer Prize for her thorough reporting of the rights of teenage girls and young women.

Copyright 2022 Jennifer Waters

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