Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Love knows love, even when hidden by an evil spell.

Princess Gabriella is a lovely, beloved, and talented girl with a Prince who wants to marry her when they both grow up. Her jealous aunt wants to get rid of her so her sons can rule, but when one of them tries to kill Gabriella, the aunt must bargain with a witch to hide him away and send Gabriella to the bottom of the sea—as a poisonous sea urchin. Gabriella’s parents die from grief, and the eldest son miraculously reappears and begins a reign of cruelty over the land. The Prince searches for Gabriella and is drawn to the ocean by the same song she made up for him years ago. Though he sees only a poisonous singing sea urchin, he declares his love, and the spell is broken. They exile her evil cousin and rule their united kingdoms with love. 

The beautiful Princess Gabriella is beloved by her parents and renown for her enchanting music. Prince Francis from the neighboring kingdom of Mirth hopes one day she would be his queen, and Gabriella makes up a song just for him. The Queen’s sister envies her niece’s talents. Morgana tells her oldest son Howard to take Gabriella riding. At first the ride goes smoothly, but then Howard tries to kill her. Gabriella fights back, escapes, and runs all the way home, weeping.

King Zephyr seeks to execute Howard. Morgana visits a witch who knows exactly what to do—turn Gabriella into a sea urchin and cast her deep within the ocean where only true love can break the spell. If anyone finds Gabriella, they will not be able to touch her without being poisoned to death by her spines. The next day, Gabriella is thrust to the bottom of the ocean floor, transformed into a sea urchin. She sings to calm the ocean and keep predators at bay. The King and Queen never find Howard and deduce he must have killed their daughter and then himself. But he’s hidden in the witch’s home as a servant.

The brokenhearted King and Queen die young, and the subjects of Wellington think it a miracle when Howard suddenly reappears after so many years. King Howard wreaks havoc in all of Wellington. Nearby in the prosperous land of Mirth, King Francis has never forgotten the beautiful Princess Gabriella and continues to search for her. One morning, he wakes to a crystal-clear aria, crooning across the sea. It’s the one Gabriella made up for him years ago. He dives into the waves and scours the ocean floor, only to come across a singing sea urchin. As he reaches out to touch it, he stops short, realizing the sea creature can poison him with its venom. 

“Love expels every trace of terror!” King Francis declares, and magically Gabriella returns to herself. King Francis embraces Gabriella and kisses her until they float to the surface. Gabriella marries Francis, joining their kingdoms. The witch’s spell backfired because becoming a sea urchin had saved Gabriella from the evil Howard. King Francis and Queen Gabriella exile Howard to a faraway land and rule their new kingdom with love.

Copyright 2022 Jennifer Waters

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