Tuesday, March 17, 2015


With a little pink lemonade and a little musical magic, one special little girl can save her endangered neighborhood.

Ten-year-old Mandy Dandie’s Sherwood Neighborhood is falling apart when a greedy developer offers to buy their backyards, but Mandy worries it will destroy the charm of their once-lovely neighborhood and puts up a lemonade stand to give the neighbors money so they’ll reject the destructive building project. People drink her “magic” pink lemonade, and it makes them sing their truth, sympathizing and encouraging each other. At a city council meeting, the developer drinks and reveals his devious secret. It is rejected. Mandy and her pink lemonade save Sherwood Neighborhood. It is amazing what the truth can do—especially when it goes down with pink sugar.

Mandy Dandie refuses to let Sherwood Neighborhoodwhich is going downhill fastbe turned into a major freeway. People are unemployed and don’t talk to each other except to fight. Ruben Gruff offers to buy their backyards, and they’re thrilled about the much-needed cash, but Mandy, 10, is upset about losing the old oak trees. She sets up a lemonade stand: she’ll give the money to her neighbors so they’ll reject the disastrous project.

Mandy’s first attempt with her “secret recipe” hardly sells so she uses all her coins to purchase an odd pink lemon tree. This new pink drink is a hit. And . . . everyone who drinks the magic lemonade sings about secret worries and dreams, and then forgets they did so. Mandy just listens. Gruff the developer downs a cup and sings his secret plan to run a four-lane highway through the neighborhood, making him a millionaire at the expense of all those homes. 

At the council meeting, Ruben hands out sales contracts. Mandy tries to warn everybody and tell them of his plan, but Ruben argues she’s not on the agenda, and Mandy is not allowed to speak. She walks home in tears. Mandy drags her pink lemon tree to the next meeting. People crowd around and are soon singing the truth. The neighbors all sympathize and encourage each other. Ruben then drinks and reveals his own devious secret. The neighbors band together and reject Gruff Construction’s plans. Mandy and her pink lemonade save Sherwood Neighborhood.

Copyright 2022 Jennifer Waters 

1.     Mandy Dandie saves the neighborhood from a corrupt real estate developer with pink lemonade.
2.     Mandy Dandie finds a lost dog in the pound who likes the smell of pink lemon peels. 
3.     Mandy Dandie bakes lemon meringue pies with pink lemonade after trial and error.
4.     Mandy Dandie washes the floors with cleaner from pink lemonade when nothing else will get them clean.
5.     Mandy Dandie drinks too much pink lemonade and gives away answers to questions on a math test. 
6.     Mandy Dandie tries to whiten her clothes with pink lemons after staining her favorite dress. 
7.     Mandy Dandie does facials with pink lemons while serving pink lemonade to her mother’s friends. 
8.     Mandy Dandie uses pink lemonade on a sunburn and bug bites after a day at the park.
9.     Mandy Dandie makes pink lemon candies out of pink lemonade that all her friends like to eat at school. 
10.  Mandy Dandie is bullied by a boy at school who uses blood red oranges to make people lie, and she must use her pink lemonade more than ever.    
11.  Mandy Dandie’s pink lemon tree withers, and she has to use seeds to grow more pink lemon trees to keep making the magic lemons. 
12.  Mandy Dandie wins a match of tennis after drinking pink lemonade for the entire match. 
13.  Mandy Dandie gives a pink lemon tree to her teacher at school, and she gives pink lemonade to all the parents in the class. 
14.  Mandy Dandie has a birthday party and pink lemonade is all the trend. 
15.  Mandy Dandie swallows pink lemon seeds and says truthful things that she shouldn’t until the seeds pass out of her system. 
16.  Mandy Dandie pours a little pink lemonade into her parents' soup in order to get them to tell her what they want for Christmas gifts. 
17.  Mandy Dandie mistakes a grapefruit tree for a lemon tree and doesn’t have the same results with the grapefruit tree in getting people to tell the truth. 
18.  Mandy Dandie cooks lemon chicken for dinner with pink lemons, and it tastes better than ever. 
19.  Mandy Dandie uses pink lemons to treat a cold. She also finds out that it can treat scurvy in a sick man at the hospital who doesn’t have enough vitamin C. 
20.  Mandy Dandie finds a lime tree that makes you fall asleep, so she has to use it carefully when making people tell the truth with her pink lemonade.

Copyright 2022 Jennifer Waters

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